NTEN’s Digital Inclusion Toolkit: Resource Sprint

Problem Statement

You're a digital inclusion practitioner who wants to collaborate in creating the most up-to-date, comprehensive digital literacy resource kit. Or you're new to offering digital literacy training, and you want to learn more about available resources.

In 2015, NTEN Digital Inclusion Fellows, City Hosts, and staff collaborated to create a Digital Inclusion Toolkit. The document, designed to provide digital inclusion practitioners with resources, tools, and tips, included case studies and practical suggestions on how to implement digital inclusion programming. In such a rapidly developing field, updates are needed to keep the toolkit useful and relevant.

Join us to review toolkit content and collaboratively update and expand it for anyone who may be looking for creative ideas to build their digital literacy programs.

Leana Mayzlina
Nonprofit Technology Network
Senior Digital Inclusion Manager
Leana Mayzlina is Digital Inclusion Campaign Manager of NTEN. She is passionate about embracing technology to achieve transformative social change. She believes that solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges can be found in grassroots communities from Chile to Kenya, and that technology is the megaphone for their voice and agency.

Drew Pizzolato
Nonprofit Technology Network
Digital Inclusion Campaign Manager
Drew is committed to building pathways to digital access and digital literacy. Through his participation in a series of related projects, from managing a multi-state digital literacy initiative under the BTOP program to researching the ways locally responsive programming shape the digital literacy acquisition process to tutoring clinic patients in a health related technology training project, Drew has been lucky to see first hand the positive impact that learning to use technology can have on adults lives. He believes that as technology becomes increasingly embedded in everyday tasks, the importance of creating opportunities for everyone to have access and training only grows. Drew comes to NTEN from the Literacy, Language and Technology Research group at Portland State University. In past lives he has worked as a line cook and as a seller of cookbooks. Drew spends free time cooking with friends, reading, learning to play squash and tinkering with stereo electronics.