New Tools from the 2016 Elections That Nonprofit Techies Need to Know About

Problem Statement

Leading tech voices from the 2016 campaign share strategies for improving nonprofit engagement and fundraising campaigns.

Winning political campaigns require sophisticated digital tools and advanced fundraising strategies. Which new organizing and fundraising technologies and innovations were introduced during the 2016 election cycle? What tools and tactics can benefit nonprofit organizations in particular?

From one-click donations to online action forms and mobile apps—find out how nonprofits can learn to use presidential-campaign-quality tools to engage members and build support. This panel will be led by experts in political technology, fresh off the 2016 campaign trail.

Mike Liddell
General Manager of Digital

Matt Compton
Hillary for America
Deputy Digital Director

Henri Makembe
Beekeeper Group

Maura Walsh
Environmental Working Group
VP, Digital Strategies
Maura Walsh is a digital communications expert with 15 years of experience in direct email marketing, content marketing, fundraising and advocacy. She oversees EWG’s digital program, including its websites, grassroots fundraising and advocacy work. Prior to joining EWG, she was a Senior Vice President at Anne Lewis Strategies, where she worked with clients such as the United Service Organization, EWG, The Clinton Foundation, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and WETA to design and execute record-setting online marketing and fundraising programs. Maura is responsible for developing best-of-breed strategies that are now widely used by nonprofit and political organizations to drive their fundraising and advocacy, including the contribution up-sell and the “$5 ask.” During her tenure, she helped the firm’s clients raise more than $240 million online and convert millions of activists across a wide spectrum of causes. Prior to joining Anne Lewis Strategies in January 2007, Maura was the director of account management for Plus Three, a technology company that provides website, email and fundraising technologies for nonprofit and political clients. Maura also served as an Internet strategist for APCO Worldwide, a public affairs and public relations company, and as a senior account manager for Bigfoot Interactive (now Epsilon Interactive), a leading email marketing agency, where she managed direct email campaigns for the company’s top accounts including Capital One, H&R Block and MTV.