My Failing-to-Fail-Well Story: How My Inability to Fail Well Kept Me from Succeeding

My client was unhappy, my job was on the line, and my anxiety had gripped me with fear. I was failing hard, but what’s worse is that I was failing at failing. I was going down old, dysfunctional paths that kept me isolated, fearful, and distrusting, making the whole process worse. Was it possible to retrain my brain so that I could survive, and maybe even thrive, beyond my failures?

Josué Blanco
The Max Foundation
Communications Officer
Josué is a Communications Officer at The Max Foundation, a global health organization helping cancer patients around the world gain access to treatment, support, and care. He sits right in the overlapping center in the Venn diagram of design, branding, and communications. Josué hails from Miami where he grew up bussing tables at his parents’ restaurant but is obsessed with Seattle. He considers it his life mission to learn how to cook the perfect pizza from home.