My Fail Story: Learning How to Collaborate

Have you ever had a REALLY good idea, started working on it, and then realized it already existed? That’s what happened to me back in 2009 when I started a microfinance organization in West Africa, and it’s something every entrepreneur struggles with on an ongoing basis. How do you stay relevant and build something people really need?

In this Ignite, I’ll share my fail stories and the key lessons I’ve learned about innovating and taking risks in the social sector.

Sammie Rayner
COO and Co-founder
Sammie co-founded HandUp after years of running her own poverty alleviation-focused nonprofit and seeing first-hand the need for better tools to fundraise and engage online communities. She serves as the company’s COO and spends most of her time building partnerships with top nonprofits across the US who use HandUp for their fundraising needs. Before joining HandUp, Sammie founded and served as Executive Director for Lumana, a microfinance organization in West Africa. Sammie is passionate about using technology to tackle poverty. She frequently speaks at social good and human service events such as SOCAP, TEDx, Ashoka Changemakers, and Stanford’s Social Media on Purpose conference.