What’s Your Next-Action Strategy?

Problem Statement

The next-action (or post-action) page is a key touch point for advocacy, lead generation, and fundraising campaigns, but many organizations treat this page as an afterthought. A simple thank you message or homepage redirect is a missed opportunity that costs organizations fundraising dollars and social sharing.

Your supporter has done what you asked them to do—excellent! Offering a thank you message is an established best practice, but the journey doesn’t have to end there. Humane Society International and Amnesty International Canada adopted two very different approaches to next-action asks that aimed to increase revenue and social sharing, respectively. With a solid strategy and programming expertise supported by a flexible technology solution, both organizations were able to achieve great success with their next-action campaigns.

Together, we’ll explore the theory, design, development, and pitfalls for each approach and encourage you to re-examine your own next-action page protocol.

Maureen McGregor
Engaging Networks
Director of Marketing
Maureen runs the marketing department at Engaging Networks, promoting the most flexible and innovative CRM on the market! A former comms person at Greenpeace, Oceana and Women Thrive Worldwide, Maureen appreciates the role fundraising, advocacy and email marketing software can play in a nonprofit's success. She lives in Seattle with her family and loves when her job requires her to visit her old stomping ground in DC.

Graham Covington
Engaging Networks
Founder & CEO
Graham Covington is the Founder and CEO of Engaging Networks. His company’s software platform is used by hundreds of non-profits around the world to support their online fundraising and advocacy, email marketing, membership, events, and other activities critical to donor and supporter engagement. Graham describes the journey of leading Engaging Networks from technology start-up without any funding to a market-leading non-profit software platform as ‘epic’. The early days of the company required Graham to participate in every aspect of the business, including: sales and marketing, account services and client support, and product development. With a rapidly expanding client base, and staff in Washington and London, Graham is spending more time on strategic decision-making and product development. It’s what he loves most.

Gabby Green

Email Marketing Strategist for Humane Society International, a global animal protection organization, with a BS in Psychology and MS in Animal Welfare.

Ryan Baillargeon
As the founder of Grassriots, Ryan Baillargeon is leveraging his extensive experience in online organizing and technology to build a digital-first agency that aims to modernize the non-profit industry. Formerly the online director of and, Ryan has supported organizations to achieve tremendous growth in reach and revenue by focussing on increasing supporter engagement and commitment. In the last few years, Grassriots has grown rapidly, bringing expertise in Creative, Digital Marketing Strategy, and Fundraising to its clients. The impact of their work is truly global, working with clients like Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International Canada, Chicago’s Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, Greenpeace, Humane Society International, Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative, and many other local, national and international groups.

George Irish
Amnesty International Canada
Digital Strategist
George Irish is Digital Strategist for Amnesty International Canada. He has spent more than 20 years as an innovator in digital fundraising, communications, and mobilization, and has worked in Canada and internationally with Amnesty, Greenpeace, and Oxfam. George works comfortably in the overlap between technology, campaigning, and supporter engagement and leads Amnesty’s efforts to adapt to ever-changing digital trends like big data, distributed organizing, viral/selfie culture, virtual reality, and fake news.