Learning Management Systems (LMS): Creating Desired Outcomes

Problem Statement

Learning Systems focus on creating outcomes in multitude of areas: institutional training, new hire or volunteer onboarding, continuing education programs, professional development, marketing, fundraising, and constituent engagement.

An outcome is the desired change in an individual’s knowledge, skills, attitude, values, preferences, or behavior.

Every nonprofit organization has the need to produce outcomes through the successful use of learning programs and systems. Regardless of the purpose or the audience, successful learning programs will implement a core set of industry-recognized concepts and processes.

By measuring, documenting, evaluating, and assessing a learning system’s outcomes, an organization can improve their system and, most importantly, prove the value of their work. All organizations need to be able to document and prove their effectiveness to attract funding.

This session will describe the core principles and processes of any learning system, teach you the industry recognized concepts, and help you to recognize the importance of planning, creating, and documenting learning outcomes. By understanding these processes, your organization will be able to begin planning and creating your desired outcomes, including:

  • The goals, or desired outcomes
  • The plan, or program
  • Intervention, or the presentation of information or content
  • Tracking, or the documentation of learning interactions
  • Testing
  • Evaluation, or analysis and reporting
  • Outcomes assessment, or the discovery of what you don’t know

All successful learning programs, whether they be in-classroom or using online learning tools, adhere to several core fundamental concepts and processes. Understanding these fundamental principles will help your organization’s learning and teaching goals, both internally with volunteers and employees, and externally to your constituents.

Peter Petrik
Skvare, LLC
Peter Petrik is an entrepreneur, business proprietor, and a frequent strategy consultant to business owners. As a founder and CEO of Skvare he continues to provide services to local and national non-profits, trade associations, professional membership organizations, and educational institutions. Peter is an expert in open source architecture as well as in the integration of third party database systems specifically focused on CRM and Learning Management Tools. With both an MBA as well as a Master of International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Peter has the integrated skill set required to approach system architecture and integration efforts with a broader online business strategy in mind. Peter's experiences include international assignments and practical business knowledge in information technology, sales and marketing, finance, and business development. Peter regularly shares his knowledge and expertise as a School of Management professor at the University of Texas at Dallas as well as numerous universities in Europe and South America. He served as the founding board member of the Dallas AfterSchool Network and consistently continues to volunteer his time and efforts with local and national non-profit groups.

Adrienne Palmer
World Citizens Guide
Executive Director
Adrienne Palmer is a proven, accomplished entrepreneur. She frequently creates, manages and participates in global initiatives to unite entrepreneurs from various parts of the world in the pursuit of increasing entrepreneurial success, job creation, economic stability and cross-cultural understanding. Adrienne founded Insite Interactive, one of Dallas’ leading digital agencies, in 1998. She served as President and CEO for nearly 19 years, providing business management and leadership to the Insite team, helping clients hone their strategies, and communicating Insite’s vision and capabilities to the marketplace. Since transitioning from an active management role, Adrienne continues as a Board Member and external Ambassador of the company. Adrienne is also a Co-Founder and CEO of World Citizens Guide, a citizen’s diplomacy movement committed to increased awareness and understanding of cross cultural cues that create the negative impressions of America. By bringing light to the source of the struggle, the WCG hopes to build improved relations and improved global travel experiences. Adrienne served on the Global Board of Directors of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (2013-2016), a global organization representing over 12,000 members in 52 countries. She has been an active member of Social Venture Network, Entrepreneurs for North Texas and Peace Through Commerce. She also served on the Board of Business for Diplomatic Action until its cessation in 2010. Adrienne studied Marketing and Public Relations at Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, Texas, and is a graduate of EO’s Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT. She served an adjunct professor at SMU’s Temerlin Advertising Institute (2004-2007), developing curriculum for and teaching the school’s first Interactive Media course. Adrienne has been featured numerous times in the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Business Journal and DFW TechBiz Magazine for her entrepreneurial achievements, and her company, Insite, has been internationally recognized for its work with top industry awards. She was recognized as one of Dallas’ Top Women in Business by the Dallas Business Journal in 2013, and as one of the DBJ North Texas Women in Technology in 2014.