Keynote – Recognizing Cultural Bias in Artificial Intelligence

In a world that is being increasingly run on artificial intelligence, do we understand how algorithms make decisions that impact our own? These everyday examples of services we all use demonstrate that it is imperative we adapt machine learning to become more inclusive.


Camille Eddy

Camille Eddy is currently in her senior year studying Mechanical Engineering at Boise State University leading an active lifestyle of student leadership. After taking an interest in space science she led several programs involved in research in space, including the NASA Microgravity Undergraduate Research program during her second year, where she worked closely with former astronaut Barbara Morgan. Other programs included a research grant from the Miles Undergraduate Research Initiative where she studied Augmented Reality. At the end of her second year at Boise State she accepted an internship at HP and began developing robotics in the Robot Development Lab. She then advanced to an internship at HP Inc’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California as a Machine Learning Intern building a new generation of smart robotics.