Intro to Google Analytics

Problem Statement

You are not sure which metrics are most applicable to your nonprofit website, or where you can make simple changes today to improve effectiveness.

Let’s say goodbye to being overwhelmed by the information in Google Analytics. In this class, we’ll cover just the data points that are most applicable to your nonprofit’s website. We’ll discuss what each data point is actually telling us about the areas of our website that need improving.

Armed with our new data know-how, we’ll walk through specific ideas that you can use to start improving your site. (And to keep all of us focused on the data that matters, you’ll receive a link to a dashboard template that you can “save as” and use directly in your nonprofit’s Google Analytics account.)

Yesenia Sotelo
SmartCause Digital
Web Developer
Yesenia Sotelo is a web developer and digital skills teacher. As the founder of SmartCause Digital, she serves as an approachable, expert resource that can help you remove the stress and uncertainty of managing a nonprofit website. Her SmartCause Method for building websites is especially designed for the way nonprofits collaborate, make decisions and grow! Find her on twitter as @silverbell or at