Integrating IT into Your Strategic Plan

Problem Statement

Organizations leverage technology to help ensure the success of their businesses. Incorporating IT into your strategic plan can lead to alignment of IT resources to meet the increasing demands of organizational growth and technology adoption.

Technology is an integral part of every organization today. Many forms of technology are used as part of office operations, service delivery, outreach, internal and external communication, fundraising, board operations, and more.

IT is frequently an afterthought for organizations and doesn’t figure into the overall strategic planning and budgeting/funding processes. Including IT in your organization’s strategic plan and budget allows for a proactive plan for IT staffing and expenses, required implementations, and upgrades. Your technology approach will directly align with your business goals and allow for more control over your IT expenditures. Whether it’s launching a new website, extending into the cloud for employee and volunteer communication, or replacing existing systems, integrated planning will make your IT endeavors and your business more successful.

Some of the questions we will answer are:

  • How will you know if your technology impedes the productivity of your organization?
  • How can you get technology incorporated into your plan?
  • What strategies can be used to ensure that your financial plans accommodate both corporate initiatives and technology investments?
Jennifer Venditti
Ninestone Corporation
Jennifer Venditti is the founder and President of Ninestone Corporation. She has thirty years’ experience providing information technology and business process support to the healthcare and human services industries. Jennifer has worked with a wide variety of non-profit and for profit organizations across the country and outside the continental United States. Ninestone Corporation is a woman-owned and managed consulting firm that provides a business-centric approach to project management, implementation support and information technology services to healthcare organizations, small businesses and non-profits across the country. Jennifer provides oversight for all Ninestone projects and is also directly responsible for engagement work. She can be contacted at jvenditti@ninestone.com.

Carmen Mincy
Ninestone Corporation
Sales & Marketing Associate
Sales and Marketing Associate at Ninestone responsible for business development including lead generation, marketing campaigns, sales presentations, and CRM management. Ninestone Corporation is a Boston based, woman owned and managed firm that provides project management, implementation solutions and information technology consulting services to healthcare organizations, small businesses, and non-profits across the country. We take time to understand your business strategy and organizational environment before diving into any project. Ninestone brings deep expertise at an investment level that you can afford.

Diane L. Stone
DL Stone Consulting
Diane L. Stone is the Principal of DLSTONE Consulting, LLC. She has over thirty years of strategic and project management experience in advancing healthcare entities’ ability to plan, integrate and operationalize new IT and business programs and products, problem-solve, clarify decision-making, manage risk and comply with state and federal requirements. She provides a versatility of healthcare consulting and advisory services that advance solutions for the changing business and government environment. Her clients span health plans, provider organizations, not-for-profit agencies and associations, employers and government initiatives. Her experience is founded on early and progressively more complex managed care/payer strategy, development, implementation, and operations. Diane works with a variety of organizations that endeavor to put their mission as the first priority, which then must be coupled with strategic initiatives and survival. Highlighted clients include the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium 1st generation community clinical data exchange Pilot; which led to her participation on the Commonwealth’s Executive Offices of HHS Statewide Privacy and Security Advisory Workgroup and its current successor, the HiWay Legal and Governance Workgroup under MeHI. She is Vice Chairman for The Edinburg Center, a not-for-profit social service agency.