I See What You Mean: Using Data Visualization For Effective Communication

Problem Statement

Whether in infographics, interactive data visualizations, or static charts and graphs, representing data visually is an essential skill for anyone who wants to make a point. But are your visualizations telling the story you mean to tell, or is your message being lost in translation?

Data visualizations are extremely powerful methods of communication. However, without the right knowledge, they can be confusing, counterintuitive, or at worst, deceptive. This session will cover data visualization fundamentals, designing visualizations for your specific audience, and how to put these principles into practice using a tool such as Tableau.

You will leave this session with a toolkit of ideas – some simple, some complex – to make your visual communication more effective.

Jason Schumacher
Tableau Foundation
Program Manager
“Jason is Tableau Foundation’s program manager. Previously, Jason ran Tableau’s academic programs, acting as a PM, trainer, and marketer. Before joining Tableau in 2012, Jason worked with data at a healthcare marketing agency, asking the question “why am I not using Tableau for this?”