Out of Sight Doesn’t Mean Out of Mind: How to Succeed as a Remote Employee

Problem Statement

This session will help those employees who are being managed remotely stay better connected to their managers, work more efficiently, and still be able to take advantage of all the flexibility virtual work provides.

Working remotely has pros and cons. While managers need specific skills to effectively supervise remote employees, employees need to understand how they can succeed in an virtual environment too.

Sometimes an organization hires employees knowing they will be offsite, at a home office, or in a space by themselves. Sometimes changes happen mid-stream, and employees, who were working in an office space, all of a sudden find themselves working alone from their kitchen tables. Sometimes this change happens gradually and maybe only partially.

However it comes about, if you are the employee, you need to know how to succeed in your work environment.

This session will provide some best practices in project planning, communication, and technology for employees to take advantage of a virtual work environment most effectively and efficiently, and set themselves, their managers, and their organizations up for success.

Heather Martin
Chief Operating Officer
Heather has extensive marketing and operations experience in both for-profit and non-profit companies and organizations. She has diverse experience with management, HR and leadership. Heather has helped InterfaithFamily transform from a 2 person organization to a 20+ person organization with staff in 8 different cities. She has spoken about managing virtual employees at multiple HR, technology and non-profit conferences including the Nonprofit Technology Network's 2016 annual conference. She holds a Masters of Science in Industrial Administration (MBA) from Carnegie Mellon's Graduate School of Industrial Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from McGill University. You can find her on twitter @hjsmartin.

Sarah Craft
Equal Justice USA
Communications Strategist
Sarah manages all of EJUSA’s on- and offline communications, including the website, media relations, social media, and education and marketing materials. She became Communications Strategist in 2014 after nine years on EJUSA's death penalty campaign team. As a campaign strategist, Sarah worked with EJUSA’s state partners in Nebraska to develop their winning strategy for repeal. She also helped Montana conservatives plant the seeds for the national conservative movement against the death penalty that eventually became EJUSA’s project, Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty. Before her start at EJUSA, Sarah worked with the American Friends Service Committee and the Unitarian Universalist Association, covering national policy issues and managing get-out-the-vote and poll monitoring campaigns in Washington, DC. Sarah’s colleagues often come to her when things need fixing. Anything. Whether it’s a broken computer or an obscure piece of information, Sarah can take care of it. At home, Sarah is happy watching soccer and taking care of her 5-year old, Mason.