Growth Hack Your Marketing Plan

You’re working on a marketing plan for the coming fiscal year and trying to determine where to focus.  You may be thinking to yourself, “How can I communicate the critical needs of my mission on such a scrappy marketing budget?  How do I prioritize and know that I’m focusing in the right areas?”  Join online fundraising and marketing nerd Taylor Shanklin as she walks you through the steps to build out an effective marketing and communications plan.  Having worked with nonprofits large and small, Taylor has built online fundraising and marketing plans on a variety of scales and budgets.

In this session, we will share her proven tactics, including:

  • Starting from scratch: Steps to build a marketing plan, including branding, mission messaging, communications calendars and even crisis communications

  • Growth hacks for nonprofits with lean budgets: Tips and tricks on amazing tools you can use for very little investment

  • Working together: How to get your whole organization on board