Going Serverless: How to Evaluate the Pros and Cons to Ensure the Best Outcome for Your Nonprofit.

Problem Statement

With technology advancing at such a fast pace, nonprofits wrestle with decisions on what technology their organization needs and how to budget for and maintain it.

In this session, we will discuss what is means to “go serverless.” The benefits and challenges will vary depending on your organization’s needs today and where you plan to be in the next 5 years. Consider the cost, user training, accessibility and security. We will share with you examples of nonprofits who have decided to migrate to a serverless environment and the impact it has had on their overall operation and their ability to scale. We will also examine nonprofits who have opted not to go serverless. We will dive into both use cases and help you get more informed on how you can approach this decision.

John Jarvis
Business Analyst
John has 6 years of experience in technology consulting for nonprofits. He joined TechBridge in July 2013. Previously he served in an AmeriCorps service program sponsored by Points of Light and Google. John has improved outcomes for low-income communities and families through the effective use of technology at hundreds of nonprofits. He fell in love with the positive effects he was able to bring to Atlanta communities through this work and now serves as a Business Analyst working on IT assessments and strategies as well as TechBridge’s in-house Google Product Specialist.

Jenny Neves

Jenny has over a decade of IT management experience specializing business process improvement, human resource information systems, project management, technical support and training. Jenny joined TechBridge in April 2011 as a Knowledge Center Specialist, transitioned to an Account Manager in 2012 and then to a Business Analyst in July 2014. As a Business Analyst, Jenny enjoys working with nonprofits throughout the United States to increase efficiencies and drive community impact through technology solutions. Prior to TechBridge, Jenny worked as the Manager of Technical Services for a global consumer electronics company for over 9 years. Jenny also has over 5 years of experience managing the operations, social media accounts, and e-commerce websites for a small, Veteran-owned business. Jenny has an MBA with an Emphasis in Management of Emerging Technology from the University of Georgia and a BBA in Business Management from Mercer University.