Attention, CRM Shoppers! A Guide to Choosing CRMs and Integrating Related Tools and Apps

Problem Statement

This session will provide strategies to help participants find and select CRM technology that matches their strategic needs and goals.

You have a mature, complex program—it’s now assumed that you’ll choose tools and strategies that can provide that elusive and all-important 360 view of your supporters. Is an all-in-one system the only way? Or can you craft a connected “ecosystem” of individual tools that actually works for your unique needs? And how do you know the right questions to ask to help anticipate your needs BEFORE you even pick new tools or technology? With questions like these, it’s hard to know where to start.

We’ll share insights from experts who have tackled this challenge, their take on the tools they reviewed, and the strategies that had to be in place before they figured out the best tools, and offer recommendations for a smart process that can help your organization identify unlock a fully integrated view of your supporters.

Isaac Shalev
Isaac combines technical, product and digital marketing knowledge with a keen sense of how people and organizations relate to technology and change. As president of Sage70, Isaac helps nonprofit organizations envision change, plan strategy, and put technology to work.

Kevin Martone
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Technology Program Manager
Kevin Martone is the Technology Program Manager at JCamp 180 and PJ Library, programs of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. He guides organizations in utilizing donor databases, websites, eNewsletters, blogs, and social media channels to reach communications and fundraising goals. Kevin also leads a variety of online training courses in communications and data management. You can find him on Twitter @kmartone.