Extending Your CRM Beyond Fundraising for Greater Program Engagement

Problem Statement

Transitioning from a fundraising system to an organization-wide CRM can be challenging. With a clear understanding of goals and benefits, a sound strategy, and effective planning, it can be a transformative and unifying effort.

Matthew Mielcarek, Director of Client Service at Heller Consulting, will present three case studies of organizations who have implemented CRM for fundraising and are now optimizing their staff and constituent experiences through the use of CRM technology.

Michael Kusie, Director of Information Technology for Online Services at Hillel International, will share his recent strategies in developing a Student Engagement Pilot program to track engagement and interaction, and to nurture student relationships toward future fundraising efforts.

Matthew Mielcarek
Heller Consulting
Director of Client Services
Matthew has over 15 years’ experience exclusively serving nonprofit organizations with technology solutions to drive fundraising, communication and mission-focused growth. He was worked with over 100 nonprofit organizations throughout the US, Canada and Australia to help define and execute online and integrated strategies.

Michael Kusie
Hillel International
Director of Online Services
Michael is leading a broad CRM implementation that is the largest IT project the organization has undertaken in its history. He was highly involved in Salesforce platform and application selection and is actively working to bring the system live in mid 2017.