Could Multisite Be Right for You?

WordPress’s oft-forgotten Multisite architecture can be an efficient and effective tool for deploying and managing multiple websites, but only under the right circumstances. In this session we’ll introduce what Multisite is and how it works, covering the basics as well as going over appropriate use cases for leveraging it. By the end, you should have the knowledge you need to know whether or not Multisite might be a good choice for your organization.

Ben Byrne
Cornershop Creative
Chief Creative Officer
Ben has a BFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University and has been designing professionally for nearly 13 years. To found Cornershop Creative, Ben left his position as senior front-end designer for New Signature, where his extensive experience with languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were put to good use implementing his designs on several CMS platforms, including WordPress and Drupal. Prior to joining New Signature, Ben worked as the lead graphic designer and web developer for Firefly Partners. Before that he was at Free Press, where he rolled his own CMS in addition to designing countless brands, brochures, and websites (one of which garnered a “People’s Choice” Webby award). He has presented on the difference between print and web design, web typography, SASS+Compass, front-end performance optimization and other topics. Ben lives in Richmond, IN with his wife, two kids, and labradoodle.