Cookie Monster

Problem Statement

Every online visitor you have provides a rich resource of data that can empower your marketing decisions. But how do we harness that data to improve our digital experiences and fundraising?

What better than chocolate chip? Cookie filled with delicious strategy and sweet tactics and chocolate chip! Me want that cookie! Om nom nom nom!

This muppet-inspired session will provide the secret ingredients to improve your digital experiences, and ultimately your digital fundraising, through cookies. We will share strategies, review case studies, and demonstrate tactics that you can add to your digital program:

  • How to use cookies in new, progressive, and forward-thinking ways
  • How we can improve our conversion rates and digital experiences
  • How the technical team can become the marketing team’s hero through effective use of web cookies
  • How to take advantage of cookies and respect our online visitors’ privacy


Charles Lehosit
RobbinsKersten Direct
Director of Technology

Justin McCord
RobbinsKersten Direct
Director of Digital Strategy

Chris Copley
American Kidney Fund
Director of Marketing
Probably like you and many of your nonprofit colleagues, Chris has worn several hats during his career in the nonprofit sector. He has worked in graphic design, media/public relations, fundraising, volunteer management, digital marketing and event planning. Currently, Chris is the Director of Marketing for the American Kidney Fund, the nation’s leading non-profit working on behalf of the 31 million Americans with kidney disease. He uses his broad range of experience to understand how marketing supports all functions of a nonprofit and develops strategies that are data-driven, audience-focused and action oriented.