Connect: Open Sessions

Every year at the NTC we host a few discussion-based sessions–a.k.a. Connect sessions–which focus on sharing and interactivity rather than presentation.

We’ve scheduled a few topics already, however at the community’s request we’ve saved a few spots for organizing Connect sessions on-site. This will be a great way for attendees to continue conversations from the day’s sessions, Birds of a Feather groups, or hallway track.

These sessions should be pitch-free and emphasize interactivity. Session facilitators are encouraged to have a short, pre-planned agenda to help kick things off and be prepared to do introductions, ask attendees for input on session content, toss questions back to the group, and encourage discussion.

17NTC Connect sessions will take place during the 1:30pm-3pm slot each day. Flip charts and markers will be provided.

Submitting Your Suggestion

Session proposals will be accepted at the NTEN Center. (NTEN Center hours: Wednesday 4pm-9pm, Thursday 7am-5pm, Friday 7am-5pm, and Saturday, 7:30pm-1:30pm.) Submissions should be made the day before the slot you want to fill (i.e. Saturday sessions should be submitted on Friday). NTEN staff will review and send out notifications each night. Approved sessions will be added to the site agenda and app.

Direct questions to, or come to the NTEN Center at NTC.


  • These sessions should be interactive and free from pitches. If you’re hoping to give a formal presentation, please save it for an 18NTC session submission or inquire with your local Nonprofit Tech Club organizers. If you’re hoping to give a demo or get more visibility on your product or service, please look into sponsorships.
  • When making your suggestion, try to include both a topic and an angle. For example “Ways to Evaluate and Improve Your Site’s Accessibility” is more clear and actionable than “Web Accessibility.”
  • If you struggle with shyness or haven’t yet facilitated an unconference-style session, we encourage you to find a partner to join you in running the session. Two or three facilitators can help share the work and bring diverse views to the session content.
  • There are lots of great resources out there for running successful unconference-style sessions. This one is a great place to start: