Connect: Community Engagement

Do you want to sit still and listen for 90 minutes? Do not come to this session. Do you want to discuss building community with peers from various disciplines? Do come to this session! It doesn’t matter what your job title is, whether you’re paid for it, or even if there’s a defined community, online or off. This session is a facilitated discussion for community managers, community organizers, group leaders, people working on engagement – anybody who is trying to build community in any sense of the word. Let’s get together to share tips and best practices, to share our challenges and crowdsource ways to address them. These could be ways to grow your community, innovative formats for events, ways to create inclusive communities, and more. It’s up to you, session participants! Come prepared to share your successes, your struggles, and your creativity! (Also, be prepared to move around the room.)


  • Meet other community builders
  • Learn about innovative community building techniques
  • Share ways to connect with other community managers and resources