Bringing Order to the IT Compliance Chaos

Problem Statement

Technology compliance, risk, IT

Very few workshops can be labeled “avoid this session at your own risk.” This one can. A stretched budget and a noble mission are not enough to exempt you from ensuring compliance with a host of government regulations designed to keep sensitive data safe, and IT security is becoming all the more difficult in our increasingly remote, mobile, app-filled workplaces. We will  share tools and techniques for taming the chaos without hiring high-priced compliance experts.

You’ll learn about identifying the regulations you must follow, researching your specific requirements, clarifying conflicts created by gaps and overlaps between regulations, and keeping it all under control.

Graham Ford
501 Commons
Tech Services Manager
As IT Director, Graham applies innovation, technology and process improvements to further the missions of both 501 Commons and its clients. For eight years, Graham has led technology design and implementation in mission critical business environments. Additionally, Graham has worked and volunteered in non-profit and governmental institutions in technical and non-technical roles. Enhancing his practical experience in technology and business, Graham has an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Washington Foster School of Business. Beyond the workplace, Graham is a father of an enthusiastic and energetic toddler and the husband of a non-profit leader in our community, He enjoys cooking, travel, hiking, skiing, sailing and cycling.