Bridging the Divide: Online and Offline Community Managers

Are you a community manager or builder? Let’s get together to share tips, gossip, and best practices. It doesn’t matter if your focus is online or offline — we have much to learn from each other.

This session is a facilitated discussion for community organizers, builders, and advocates. Attend this session to meet up with fellow community organizers and discuss the struggles, challenges, and rewards of community organizing. In this audience-focused session, we’ll discuss many of the challenges that community organizers face, including growing your community online and offline, the logistics of hosting events, creative formats for events, and more. Come prepared to discuss your successes and struggles with organizing your group!

Let’s use this opportunity to create a peer network and capacity around building communities.


  • Meet other community organizers
  • Learn about innovative community organizing techniques
  • Share ways to connect with other community organizers and organizer resources

Birgit Pauli-Haack

NPTech Projects
Birgit Pauli-Haack, co-founder of Relevanza, Inc., brings more than 18 years of web development and web community expertise to the company. With her other company, Pauli Systems, LC also headquartered in Naples, Florida she has been providing interactive, user-friendly, web-based business applications and server administration services to an array of corporate, nonprofit and private clients, both international and domestic since 2002. In addition to leading her companies , Birgit is an active member of the web community, and provides pro bono technology products and services to local non-profit organizations. She has been a technology leader with the Naples Free-Net 1998 - 2015. She is a frequent presenter on Internet topics at conferences worldwide, and has worked on open-source projects in the ColdFusion Community, and for social services agencies. Birgit has a degree in business management, specialized for Tourism & Resort Management, and extensive technology experience. Birgit also runs the local WordPress User group, called WordPress Meetup SWFL and the local 501 Tech Club, Tech4Good SWFL, supported by NTEN as well as TechSoup Global's Netsquared. Both monthly meetups are free of charge for participants. Founder of NPTechProjects - a nonprofit in start-up to assist local nonprofits using technology to further their mission.

Elijah van der Giessen

NetSquared Community Manager

As the Community Manager for NetSquared at TechSoup Global, I foster online and offline network involvement through community management and content curation. I work closely with NetSquared Local organizers to launch, grow, and support local community groups in over 50 cities around the world.

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