Avoid That Last Minute Crisis—With Project Management!

Problem Statement

This session will explore how project management techniques can be applied across an organization—from programs to fundraising to communications to technology—to ensure projects meet goals while remaining on time and on budget.

That 20-page report you forgot about is due in 15 minutes. Also, the drinks have arrived for your event, but you forgot to order cups. Oh, and your website just launched, but you forgot to get approval from the board. How did this happen?!
There probably wasn’t a solid project plan in place.
Nonprofit pros know what it’s like to work with limited time and limited resources. Whether you’re organizing a fundraising event, implementing a program, or working with a consultant on a design project, project management is the key to meeting your goals while staying on time and on budget. Having a solid project plan in place will also allow you to deal with expected—so you can prepare for the unexpected.

This session will explore how the five project management process groups of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing can be tailored for a nonprofit environment. You will leave with tools and templates to get started on building a project management focused culture at your organization. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of PMI certifications.

Joe Moran, PMP
True Colors Fund
Chief Creative Officer
For more than a decade, Joe Moran has worked in the digital space as a nonprofit techie and creative producer. As the True Colors Fund's Chief Creative Officer, Joe works at the intersection of communications, technology, and design. He leads the organization’s communications and marketing strategies and heads up digital programs. Twitter: @JoeSaidSo

Joshua Peskay
RoundTable Technology
Vice President
Joshua is one of the leaders of RoundTable and is often the first person you’ll talk to if you want to start working with RoundTable. He's been helping nonprofit organizations improve their use of technology since the early 1990s and has worked with literally thousands of nonprofits. He specializes in helping organizations be strategic about their technology and make smart choices about services, security, support, and management.

Beth Spriggs
Leadership for Educational Equity
Vice President, Technology
Author of The Project Manager's Little Book of Cheats, available on Amazon. I began my professional career in information technology in 1999. As a certified PMP with 18 years of project management experience, I've combined my love for tech and project management by focusing my career on managing technology projects and portfolios. My heart will forever be in education, as a coach, trainer, and speaker and through my work with nonprofits in the education world.