Advanced Social Media Practice

Problem Statement

You are lacking a solid foundation to identify social media KPIs and define the social media metrics that matter to your organization, and feel you could be planning and using social media channels more efficiently.

In this advanced social media strategy session, we will focus on evaluating your social media efforts and optimizing your practice. Whether you’ve just created a social media strategy or you’re working off of an existing practice and strategy, this course is intended to advance your understanding of social media measurement.

Specifically, we will dive into evaluating success, key performance indicators, and measuring what matters. We’ll also review added value practices such as social media advertising, applications to help you do your work, and social media campaigns.

For this advanced session, it is helpful to have an existing understanding of the following prior to participation:

  • Your own social media strategy, or knowledge of a working social media strategy
  • How your organization currently leverages its social media channels, and how that relates to an overall communication strategy
  • Your social media communication SMART goals
Debra Askanase
Community Organizer 2.0
Founder & Digital Engagement Strategist
Debra Askanase is the founder and Digital Engagement Strategist at Community Organizer 2.0, a digital strategy consulting firm to nonprofit organizations, specializing in online strategy and social engagement. She has a passion for creating a better world through online engagement. She can often be found tweeting away @askdebra.