What Am I Buying? Understanding the Cost of Technology Supporting Your Website

Problem Statement

Too often the people making important decisions about their organization's website do not have enough knowledge about the technology that goes into building a website to understand cost and time implications and make informed choices.

Your website is a crucial part of your brand experience, and when you’re building your site, each decision can make or break its effectiveness. A website overhaul can be complicated, especially when it comes to understanding the technology required for the site and how this impacts the total cost of the project. If you are a decision-maker for your organization’s website, and you don’t have a grasp of the technologies involved when designing, building and running a website, you can’t make truly informed decisions, and your project can suffer or fail.

This session will focus on giving you enough technical prowess and tools to make better technology decisions. We will discuss the importance of identifying resources or partners who can help translate your goals into technical strategy, and we’ll assist you in understanding what your project will really cost in effort, time, and money.

We will examine how these concepts were put into practice through a full website redesign case study discussion with the associate director of TCTMD, the digital education division of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation.

Ian Mariano
Director of Technology
Ian Mariano, Director of Technology & Projects at Constructive, has over 20 years expertise in bridging business, design, and technology with broad and deep experience in managing and delivering robust, scalable, and usable systems solutions in a variety of horizontal and vertical markets. With a deep, hands-on technical background in open source and cloud he has the keen ability to focus on technology-agnostic solutions based on human needs. Prior to joining Constructive, Ian was a senior project manager at NorthPoint Digital in NYC and has also held Chief Software Architect and CTO positions at other NYC startups.

Stephanie Gutch
Associate Director