April 2015: Websites

Time to Redesign: Effective Website Planning

Submitted on Thu, 4/16/2015 - 4:21pm
A website redesign is full of challenges and opportunities. Here's how one nonprofit turned a humble redesign idea into a brand-changing project.
By David Onate – Senior Online Communications and Marketing Manager

How Kickstarter Got Subtitles and Captions

Submitted on Wed, 4/15/2015 - 12:34pm
From an idea to a Hack Day to the sacrifice of a guy named Ian's life force: how Kickstarter bolted accessibility to its website.
By David Peter – Software Engineer

Everyone Gather Around: Let’s create meaningful and measurable content strategies

Submitted on Fri, 4/10/2015 - 4:22pm
Tracking data from your website is one thing, but what is it telling you about your content strategy (and are you listening)?
By Ted Fickes – Founder

Can You Get a Good Website on a Small Budget?

Submitted on Thu, 4/9/2015 - 12:18pm
On choosing strategy before tactics, and avoiding investing in a site that's "a hot mess with a good paint job."
By Kronda Adair – Founder

Two New Domains for Good: The launch of .ONG and .NGO

Submitted on Wed, 4/8/2015 - 4:40pm
What if your domain name could guarantee that your organization is, indeed, a nonprofit?
By Jeri Curry – Strategic Partnerships and Global Communications

How to Make Large, Content-Heavy Websites More Engaging & Effective

Submitted on Tue, 4/7/2015 - 2:49pm
How can a content-rich website compel us to linger in an age in which our attention span is worse than that of a goldfish?
By Matt Schwartz – Founder, Chief Brand Strategist

The State of the Canadian Web Nation

Submitted on Mon, 4/6/2015 - 11:57am
The State of the (Canadian) (Web) Nation, according to over 500 charities.
By Holly Wagg – Chief Digital Architect & Philanthropic Counsel