You never need wonder what your community wants—just ask! We recommend that you survey your community every year or so to get more info about who your audience is and what they want. Use the sample survey in your Google Drive folder to get started.

Send your survey to NTEN’s community manager so we can help share it on your behalf. Send it to potential partners, presenters, or venue hosts—perhaps ask them to share via newsletter or social media. Have the organizing team share with their networks. Share widely and often in order to get good results.

Here’s a sample blurb to help give the survey context:

We’re teaming up with NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network ( to create a Nonprofit Tech Club in [CITY NAME]. We hope to start holding free nonprofit technology events in the next few months and want your input.

NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Clubs are a volunteer-run networking and lecture series for the nonprofit community. Events will offer tips, tricks, how-tos, how-not-tos, and higher level conversations to help nonprofit professionals spark change with technology and do their jobs better. All will be welcome.

There are nearly 20 Nonprofit Tech Clubs across the US and Canada—let’s get one started here at home! Give your feedback here: [SURVEY URL]. (Deadline: [SURVEY CLOSE DATE].)