NOTE: This process is changing in 2018. New folks: Ignore this section for now.

Welcoming new group members is one of your main tasks. Here are a few of the many reasons why personalized welcomes are key:

  • Offer new users the chance to immediately meet and network with other community members, not just the Community Manager
  • Help newbies become aware of any regular group events, expectations, norms, etc. and let them know who to go to if they have questions or comments about the group
  • Encourage new community members to take the next steps towards their first contributions to the group
  • Give volunteer organizers the increased opportunity to be seen as leaders for the group

1) Click the “Settings” button. Then click “Reports.”


2) Click through to the “Community Members Added or Removed” report.

Enter the date range and click “View Report.” (Note: The “View Report” button might be hiding. Scroll over to the right to find it.) It is recommended that you run the report and send out welcome messages once a week or once every two weeks—you want to contact your newbies while they’re still new.

Date range for report

3) The report will bring back the name, organization, add/remove dates, and site status.


4) Click the community member’s name to access their profile.

Click “Send Message” to send a welcome message through the platform. (See sample message below.) Note: Check that the “Removed On” field is empty. That will ensure you are not inadvertently sending welcome messages to members who have been recently removed, rather than added to the group.

Send message