Getting access to each week’s live event is easy. Simply navigate to that week’s course and click on the link within the virtual classroom.

Live Event and Recording Link

You can also use the link provided in the calendar event for each week. However, you will need to navigate to the link within the actual course to access each week’s recording (see notes below).

Webinar Login
No need for passwords and all that. Just sign in as “Guest” and use a name that allows us to identify you in terms of marking your attendance at the live event.

Webinar Login

After each live event, we switch immediately switch the virtual classroom link to point to the recording. The recording is interactive so any links shared or files available for download can be interacted with as well.

Adobe Connect App

The platform we use is Adobe Connect. You will have the option to download an app (which you can find and download here) or access using your browser with no need to install anything.