We highly recommend that organizers find venues that are free of charge. Most clubs find that organizations are eager to host Tech Club events.

See what venues that other local groups use. (Check out local community event calendars—you’ll want to use these for promotion later anyway!) Attend other groups’ events to scope out their venues, as well as connect with the organizers and venue hosts. (This is also a great way to promote your group!) Ask your community for venue suggestions.

NTEN has put together venue sponsorship package to help groups secure long-term, complimentary space.

Once you have a potential venue host, use the Info for Venue Hosts template to provide the host with more information about your group, expectations, and benefits.


  • Foundations
  • United Way
  • Colleges and universities with Nonprofit Management programs
  • Nonprofit associations
  • Medium/large nonprofits
  • Libraries
  • Community centers
  • Co-working spaces
  • Tech incubators
  • Tech companies, especially those that work with nonprofits
  • Restaurants with offset rooms or quiet spaces


  • If the venue serves alcohol, be sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic options
  • Ensure that your venue is easily accessible by public transportation
  • Look for wheelchair and service animal accessibility
  • Check the audio/visual set-up: Is there a computer, projector, PA system?
  • Ask if Wi-Fi will be available to attendees
  • When possible, try to find venues where the host might add value to the attendee experience (i.e. something nonprofit or tech-related)

Moving vs. Staying

Notes on staying at the same location for each meeting and moving to different locations:

  • Staying at the same location:
    • Pro: Help lessen the administrative burden on organizers
    • Pro: Community can get more accustomed to the location
    • Pro: Organizers can build a deeper relationship with the venue hosts to help keep agreement sustainable
    • Con: Some community members may never be able to get to this part of town
  • Moving to different locations:
    • Pro: Opportunity to reach different community members
    • Pro: Ability to connect attendees to different services and resources provided by different venue host
    • Con: More work for organizers to secure locations


We want everyone to feel welcome at Nonprofit Tech Club events. Part of your job as an organizer is to find venues that are as accessible as possible.

  • Mobility access: Is the venue wheelchair accessible? Is there a ramp? About how many steps might someone have to climb? Is there accessible parking onsite?
  • Hearing access: Will presenters use microphones?
  • Sight access: Will you use a projector? Can you provide an advance copy of the presentation notes or slides for someone that might need it?

Note the venue’s general accessibility on the RSVP page. Use the Info for Venue Hosts template to help you remember what questions to ask when selecting a venue. Use the RSVP Page Template to help convey the details to the public.

Note: NTEN can potentially cover the costs for special accomdations such as real-time captioning services. Contact NTEN’s community manager to discuss.