Nov 11: Deadline to finalize changes to title, problem statement and description

Advance through the slides for some additional detail around what is happening in each month.


Add To Calendar
Looking for an easy way to have all the important deadlines and call details added to your Calendar automatically? We’ve got you covered. You can use this iCal link below to subscribe to the 17NTC Speakers Calendar or use the “+Google Calendar” button in the bottom right corner of the calendar below to add it to your Google calendar.

iCall Link

All details needed to join calls will be shared in reminder emails but can also be found by clicking into the details of that calendar event.


Your presentation is due at the time of your scheduled session. There is no formal review process however we ask that you refrain from including any sort of lead capturing links or efforts as part of the session materials you develop and share. For example, attendees should not be directed to a website where they need to share their information in order to get access to anything.

Additional Materials
You are free and encouraged to share additional materials as part of your sessions. Examples include worksheets, resource guides, etc. that reinforce your session or add value around your topic.

Slide Requirements
You can use your own template. The following is simple to be used as a guide to what information should be included.

Sharing Materials
We do ask that you share your presentation materials with attendees after your session.