How much time will this program take?

It is a six-month program. During Term I (the first 10 weeks), participants can expect to spend 3-4 hours each week with educational programs online and homework materials. The remainder of the cohort period, Term II, is spent incubating, supporting and advancing projects, so much of the time commitment depends on the type of and depth of your project. We recommend expecting anywhere from 3-4 hours per month.

Is participation in the full six months required?

Yes. In order to ensure all participants and their organizations benefit from the program and are positioned for success, all participants are required to commit to the full six months. We recognize that there are naturally times during which participation may be limited by other priorities for your organization. The cohort is designed to accommodate for times when participants may be more or less available.

What happens after the six months?

We encourage “graduates” to share experiences, feedback, and lessons learned with participants in future cohorts. We will also create opportunities for participants to have access to events, workshops, trainings and other opportunities to continue learning into the future.