Each speaker is required to register for the conference
We are able to offer the following registration options for presenters:

  • Full Registration: (these rates are available at any time prior to the event)
    • Nonprofit Speaker Rate $299
    • Standard-Speaker Rate $399
  • Free Session Only: Free registration for those only attending their session to present
  • Speaker Scholarships: Limited number of registration scholarships for presenters from nonprofits. Applications open November 1. A link will be provided here.

Full Registration
Upon creation of your speaker profile, you will receive an email that contains a code that will give you access to the special speaker rates during the normal registration process.

Session Only
We are able to offer a free “Session Only” registration for those only able to participate as a presenter on their session and will not be participating in the rest of the conference activities.

If you would like to get this particular type of registration please make sure they have been added as an additional speaker first then email us and we will assist you.

Speaker Scholarships
We also have a limited number of speaker-specific registration scholarships available to award. You can find more details and complete an applications on the scholarship page.

Previously Registered/Fee Correction
If for any reason you registered at the regular rate and but are eligible for the reduced speaker rate you can email us and we can assist with getting your registration fees corrected.

Register Others
If you are in a situation where you are trying to get registration in place for others on your team and/or session please email us and we can help get that taken care of from our side of things.