Session Formats

There are two general formats for educational sessions.

Standard sessions are 75 minutes long and will run once during the conference. The specific format of a standard session (panel, workshop, etc) should be driven by the desired outcomes of the specific session and clear to attendees from the session description.

Sprint sessions are 30 minutes and will be run once during the conference. These sessions are expected to have a very heavy focus on practical application and tangible takeaways. Given the time constraint, these sessions should reflect more of a presentation/interactive format. Panel formats will not be allowed on sprint sessions.

Number of Speakers

Each session should have at least two presenters and no more than four who represent different organizations, to ensure a diverse range of voices and perspectives are represented in each session.


NTEN has made a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and sessions are expected to follow this commitment by including a diverse range of perspectives in every session. In particular, efforts should focus on including perspectives from nonprofits and diverse communities.

Nonprofit Voice

Each session is expected to incorporate a nonprofit voice within the lineup of presenters. If a session is selected and you are unable to find a presenter from a nonprofit, NTEN can offer assistance in finding an appropriate match. The only exception to this rule is the Tactical sessions, which can be led by a sole presenter.

Tool Agnostic

NTC sessions should be tool agnostic, as is all of NTEN’s educational content. Specific tools can certainly be shared as resources, but a session should not focus on one particular tool or service provider if more than one is readily available for use. This ensures each session focuses on strategies, best practices, and resources that are applicable to a wide range of participants.

Sprint Session Exceptions

Given the 30 min length of Sprint sessions, they are given exception from the following guidelines which apply to all other sessions.

  • Number of Speakers: Sprint session are required to have only 1-2 speakers (most will be solo presentations).
  • Nonprofit Voice: With only one speaker sessions are not required to include a nonprofit speaker.