An organizer’s most important task is making sure that all posts receive a response. Organizers aren’t expected to have all the answers. Instead they facilitate and help create the space for the magic to happen.

  • Remind the poster to look for resources on the main NTEN site or threads in the community.
  • Leverage your existing network. Know someone who might be able to respond? Ask them to chime in if you’re comfortable doing so. You’ll not only help the original poster, you also create an opportunity for the person you tagged-in to be seen as an expert and potentially convert them into a new NTENer. Bonus!
  • Ask the poster to clarify. When posts don’t receive responses it’s often because the question is too vague or broad. Encourage the poster to explain any jargon and be more specific. (See FeverBee’s article on the importance if specifics.)
  • Cheerlead and bump threads back up into community consciousness. (See example from organizer Keith Berner below.)

Cheerlead the community