Wrap-Up & Next Steps Call

Thank You
Yes, we are going to say thank you again for sharing your time, expertise and insights as we work to create an amazing educational program for the 19NTC event. Your efforts help us stay true-to-course in making the community the primary focus of our work.

Official Commitment
At this point in the process, your official commitment as a committee member has been fulfilled. Moving towards the event we will continue to periodic updates as a matter respect for the effort you put in to get us to this point and information for regarding registration.

Additional Opportunities

The following are a number of opportunities we will update you about as a matter of interest with no action required as part of your membership on this committee.

Slack Team
We will continue to share periodic updates as a VIP back channel as valued members of our community and contributors to the development of this event.

Open Sessions
Once we identify any critical topics not covered by public submission or encounter dropped sessions we will share updates in case you know of a good resource we should invite to present.

Additional Speakers
Each year we have a number of sessions that for a wide variety of reasons are looking for a secondary speaker. We will share a link here (Coming Soon) when the public-facing resource is opened up in case you want to point others to it or engage yourself.