We want to present the NTEN community a list of 30 suggested topics for each breakout session category when we open the public proposal process on July 9. Our goal is to provide potential session submitters insight into what type of content this advisory committee feels is important. We’re also looking for your help in developing a bank of content tags that we can use to sort sessions.

Desired Topics & Suggested Tags

Your first task as a committee member is to help us identify these topics and content tags. Please do the following:

  • For the category you have been assigned please generate a list of 25 session topics. Think of it as creating what you perceive as a balanced agenda for your category.
  • Please also generate 20 suggested tags for your content area.
  • Use this Google Spreadsheet to complete the task. Instructions and examples are in the spreadsheet.

Photo & Bio

Please make sure that we have received a professional photo and bio (1 short paragraph) written in the third person. We will use these on the conference website to share what the Session Advisory Committee is and who is serving on it each year.

Deadline for topics & tags: June 28, 2019