Everyone has something to contribute. Make sure that the majority of your presenters are from the nonprofit sector.

How to Find Presenters

The easiest way to find presenters is to ask! Use your community survey and event evaluation to ask attendees to find presenters. Reach out to organizations doing interesting things in your community. Go to other local events to scope out potential presenters from other communities.


Work to bring in presenters of diverse race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and ability as well as from all different backgrounds, organizations, sectors, and job types.

“In planning our events, we try not to focus too much on speakers from one type of organization or topics that overlap too many months in a row. By inviting presenters with varied experiences, it helps us bring in varied attendees. Often, our event speakers share or retweet our event announcements, too, so it’s also a chance to engage with their communities.” – Susan Johnson Taylor, NetSquared Victoria

Presenter Prep

Adapt the presenter prep template to help presenters understand expectations, have a good experience, and create a great learning experience for attendees.

Perhaps adapt and share this sample blurb with confirmed presenters:

Thank you so much for committing to present for [Nonprofit Tech Club name]! We’re so excited to learn from your experiences with [topic]!

I’m confirming that your event is scheduled for [date]. Arrive at [venue] by [time].

Next steps:

1) Please review our presenter prep sheet so we’re all on the same page: [URL].

2) Send us the following information by [date]:

  • Event title
  • Event description (200 words or less)
  • Headshot
  • Bio (100 words or less)
  • Room set-up or technology requests

3) We’ll follow-up with the event page soon after we get the information above. Please be prepared to help us share it with your networks.

4) Please develop around [amount] minutes of content so there’s plenty of time for Q&A.

We can’t wait to attend your event! Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.