Organizers can send out personalized email messages to group members. Use this feature for things like event reminders or semi-annual community surveys. (Please don’t send more than 1-2 messages per month.)

1) Click the “Settings” button. Then click “Email Community Members”. (See step A and B in the screenshot below for reference.)

Screenshot of how to get to the email community members section

2) Select the appropriate community segment from the dropdown menu.

3) Feel free to change the subject. (See step #3 in the screenshot below for reference.)

Screenshot of how to email community members

4) The Email Template section shows the variables which will plug into the message upon sending. For example, your edits in the Community Admin Message section will merge into the [CommunityAdminMessage] variable and unsubscribe information will merge into the [CommunityAdminHyperlinks] variable. (See step #4 in the screenshot above for reference.)

A “Hi [FIRST NAME]” greeting, as well as a line giving clarification as to what your role is, has been added to the beginning of the message.

5) Add your message text to the Community Admin Message section.  (See step #5 in the screenshot above for reference.)

6) Make sure your message looks good and doesn’t duplicate what’s already in the merge variables. Preview your message before sending by clicking the “Preview Email Before Sending” button.

7) The variables will merge into a message which will look something like the screenshot below when sent.

Screenshot of what an email will look like with tokens added

Add a Calendar Invite to the Personalized Message

Those groups which hold community calls may want to try the Add Meeting Invitation feature to include a calendar invite with the personalized message.

1) Follow steps 1-6 to create the body of your email message. Click the “Add Meeting Invitation” button to attach a calendar invite.

2) Click “Choose an existing meeting invitation or create one” from the dropdown box, then click “Create Meeting Invitation.”

3) Add the relevant details for the event. Include the call-in details again since the recipient might add this to their calendar and misplace the original email with the call-in information. (Note: HTML is not supported in this section.) Click the “Add” button when finished. Send the message.

Screenshot of calendar info

4) The message will be personalized and come with an iCalendar file which can be added to the recipient’s calendar.
Screenshot of calendar invite in email