What is the value of participating?

Participating in Nonprofit Tech Readiness provides technology capacity building with the inclusion of the 10-week technology management course, as well as access to technology experts and service providers. The program connects participants with a rich network of peers, faculty members and potential collaborators. Completing Nonprofit Tech Readiness qualifies participants for discounted registration rates for some future NTEN conferences.

How will this help my organization?

The program is designed so that participants can bring a technology challenge, project idea or need from their organization to the cohort and benefit from six months of support, feedback and training towards a solution.

Will this help me earn the Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate?

Yes. Participation in the Nonprofit Tech Readiness program will provide you access and time to complete all the elements required to earn your Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate at no additional cost.

Will my organization receive a grant for my participation in Nonprofit Tech Readiness?


Does my enrollment in Nonprofit Tech Readiness improve my chances of receiving future grants from the California Wellness Foundation?

No. However, the goal is that your participation in Nonprofit Tech Readiness training will improve the ability of your organization to compete for resources from many funding sources.