Every course requires a knowledge check quiz based on the pre-work. This is an ungraded quiz designed to reinforce key concepts from the pre-work readings, video, or audio.


The quiz should have 3 to 5 questions with clear right and wrong answers quoted from the pre-work itself. Questions must touch on key concepts drawn from the pre-work materials which tie into the live class and homework.

Format requirements

  • Questions must be closed-ended, such as:
    • True/false
    • Multiple choices with single answer
    • Fill in the blank
    • Multiple choices with more than one correct answer
  • Please include the knowledge check quiz questions and answers in the course inventory document.
    • Note which pre-work articles, videos, or other media the question is pulled from.
    • Remember to highlight or clearly mark the correct answer(s) for each question.

Question Examples

Example 1: Multiple choices (single answer)
What formats should not be used to create pre-work for an NTEN course?

  1. Audio
  2. Video
  3. Articles
  4. Facebook posts — Correct

Example 2: Short answer fill in the blank (single word)
Interactive elements for the virtual class should include multiple media formats including polls, files for download, audio, and _____.

  • Correct Answer: video

Example 3: True/False
Courses and webinars are the same things.

  1. True
  2. False — Correct

Example 4: Multiple Choice (multiple correct answers)
What formats should be used to create pre-work for an NTEN course?

  1. Audio — Correct
  2. Video — Correct
  3. Articles — Correct
  4. Facebook posts