Overall Input Process

Each committee member has a total of 30 favorites to select. Think of it as if you were selecting the agenda of 25 sessions for your category. You can always reference the Suggested Topics List but you are not obligated to only select proposals from that list. Choose what you think will make the best agenda.

  • Login at nten.org with your usual account. It has been assigned the Session Advisory Role
  • 25 favorites in your assigned category. You can reference this page if you need a reminder of your assigned category
  • 5 wild card favoites that you can cast in any category (your assigned one or any of the other ones)

Other Tips

  • Categories: Select your category and click “Search” to see the list of all the session in your expert area. Consider opening a tab for each session in the list and closing them as you work through.
  • Text Search Box: We made significant improvements in the search box this year and will be a valuable way to sift through the pool of proposals.
  • Tags: These can also be helpful in finding specific session types you are looking to find.

Review Lens

The following is the Session Advisory Committee review criteria. These criteria were shared with the public during the proposal stage. Your efforts go a long way to allowing us to create a balanced and inclusive agenda.

  • Is the proposal content of current interest or on an emerging topic?
  • Does this proposal support NTEN’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion?
  • Has the proposal content been implemented?
  • Is the proposal an innovative solution, or does it offer a fresh treatment?
  • Does the proposal address or support solving significant problems in nonprofit technology?
  • Are the learning objectives clearly defined so that the audience knows what they’re leaving with?
  • Do the session designer and speaker(s) have expertise on this topic?

Missing Topics

If, after reviewing the sessions, you feel there are critical topics missing you can add them to the “Missing Topics” document. This will be considered as we build out the final agenda.

Activity Visibility

All your activity (favoriting and commenting) is only visible to members of the Session Advisory Committee and NTEN staff. It is in no way visible to the public or the original proposer of the session.

SAC Input Platform

All activity happens on the nten.org website and using your regular login account. If you run into any issues with this send us an email and we respond as soon as possible.

Session Proposal Page Elements Explained

  1. Favorites remaining out of your total of 30. (“How far do I have to go still”)
  2. Select this button to favorite session. Clicking on it will also remove your selection.
  3. Select this button to indicate a proposal was read so you can see that in list views (more details below)
  4. This is the total favorites for this proposal. This does not reflect public input, only favorites from members of the Session Advisory Committee.

SAC Input Block 20NTC


Viewing Activity History

There are three ways to see your overall history of your activity during this process:

Favorites Tab: Click on this tab to see a list of all the session you have favorited

SAC Favorites Tab 20NTC

Icons: In list views, you will see a thumbs up icon for proposals you have favorited and a checkmark on proposals you have marked as read.

SAC Icons 20NTC

SAC Input FAQs

What am I required to complete?
You are to choose twenty-five favorites for sessions within your assigned category and five additional “wild card” favorites wherever you like.

Can I choose my own session?
Yes, while your favorite certainly carries a bit more weight as a member of the Session Advisory Committee than if you were just in the public input there is still enough volume to balance out any unfair advantage.

Can I choose sessions outside my assigned group?
Yes, you have been allotted five “wild card” favorites that you can select outside your assigned category.


Deadline Sept 13: We would like all Session Advisory favorites to be selected by Sept 13. Sooner is always fine but at that point, we will be building out the aggregate scores and agenda working towards the Sept 30 deadline for public notifications.

Possible Merge Sessions
In the instance where there are similar sessions that both receive a high level of support, there is a possibility of merging the sessions. In order to avoid confusion, this process is done in a way that manages roles and expectations.

  • The session with the most favorites will be offered a spot on the agenda
  • We reach out to the initial session to see if they are in need of and/or open to adding additional presenters
  • This is confirmed with the lead presenter first to avoid awkward interactions between community members
  • Then an introduction is made making it clear who will be the session leader and who will be an additional speaker
  • This helps manage expectations for who sets the vision for the overall session, is responsible for making this happen and who is in a supporting role

Final Ranking
Each session receives a final score/rank. This is accomplished by aggregating the score across all input groups (Community 60%, Session Advisory Committee 40%). Each group is given different weight to reflect our values of making this process as community-driven as possible.

Walkthrough Call

Please see the Monthly Calls section for a recording of the call where we walked through the process.