Registration Fees

Nonprofit Tech Club events must be free to attend. Organizers may solicit small donations at the door to help cover event-related expenses, however there should be no barrier to entry. Any funds received must go directly back into the club or to NTEN.


NTEN will reimburse organizers for event-related purchases such snacks, office supplies, and printing costs, up to $100/month. Checks will be made in US dollars. Contact NTEN’s community manager to talk about reimbursement via other methods or currencies. Use the event report to request reimbursement.


NTEN offers several cash and venue sponsorships for supporting individual clubs or the program as a whole. Organizers should introduce potential sponsors to NTEN’s community manager. Development staff will then work with the sponsor to develop a final package and provide an MOU and invoice. (Organizers will also need to sign the MOU.) Payment will be made directly to NTEN. Organizers can request sponsorship funds via the regular reimbursement process.