Why is NTEN changing its membership program?

Members are the heart of NTEN. But we’ve come to a realization. By focusing on organizations to lead their staff’s professional development, organizations have grown to be the center of our membership program. We announced July 23 that we’re changing the membership program to focus on and invest in the individuals who do the work of connecting, learning, and making change. Please read our blog post about the announcement and watch a recording of our August 14 community call.

I’m an individual member. What does this change mean for me?

Not much! Your individual membership is staying at the same price with the same benefits. The only change is that the renewal and checkout process on the website will be updated to include recognition of what NTEN does to support members and the sector.

What does this change mean for existing organizational members?

Your organization can continue to cover the cost of your membership. Just because membership is now for individuals does not mean that individuals must pay out of pocket. Individuals receiving member benefits from an organizational membership will renew as individual members whenever their membership expires, even if that is after the new membership launches. All memberships, individual or organizational, will be honored through their current expiration dates.

Can I join as an organizational member?

No, we’ve discontinued organizational memberships as we transition into our new membership program in October when all memberships will change to individual membership. But if your organization wants to demonstrate its support of NTEN and its community, please join as a Community Partner.

How much will this cost me?

The price of an individual membership is staying the same at $99. You will be able to adjust the price at checkout to be higher or lower with a minimum of $25 and no maximum. Invoices will also have the option to be paid in installments.

Why should I pay more than $99 for my membership?

To diversify our membership and better align with our mission to help all nonprofits use technology more effectively, we’re moving to a sliding scale model. We’re asking those who benefit from class privilege, are well-resourced or work in well-resourced organizations, in government-funded organizations, or who can pay more than $99 to support a diverse membership community by contributing more.

Are my membership benefits changing?

Your benefits are not changing. Members receive $300 off NTC registration, 50% off courses and the professional certificate, 50% off job board postings, free access to all NTEN content and research, and access to the Membership Directory and Community Events Calendar.

When am I supposed to renew my membership?

Your membership, whether it’s individual or organizational, will be honored through its current expiration date.

Starting this fall, when new members join or existing members renew, the only membership option will be as an individual. One thing that is not changing is that all memberships are on an anniversary schedule, meaning whenever you joined is when you’ll renew next year. The majority of NTEN members renew in the fall because that is when they originally joined, but there are folks joining and renewing all through the year. If you have questions about your membership or renewal, email membership@nten.org.