I want to join and become a member. How do I get my organization to pay for it?

NTEN is a community of nonprofit professionals and our courses, professional certificate, research, and annual conference all support the ongoing and multifaceted avenues of professional development that should be recognized as an investment in your increased skills and ability to be successful at your job. Membership provides for significant discounts to access and participate in all of those options as well as the affinity with the leading nonprofit technology community. If you would like support making the case for membership to your boss or organization, you can email membership@nten.org and we can help!

Can we get one invoice for all of the memberships in our organization?

If you are the primary contact for your organization’s profile with NTEN, you are able to log in and see all open invoices attached to your organization – this means any membership, course registration, or conference registration invoice. You are also able to pay those invoices directly online. If you are not the primary contact for your organization, you can ask them to log in or you can email membership@nten.org and we can help.

Is my membership transferable to one of my coworkers?

If you have an organizational membership, then you can have as many staff as you like connected to the organization’s profile and receiving membership benefits. In this way, there’s no need to transfer a membership as everyone has their own profile and can be connected to the benefits.

If you have an individual membership and wish to transfer it to someone else in your organization, you can do so by first having your colleague create a profile at nten.org and then contacting us at membership@nten.org with your colleague’s name and email address.