Course pre-work is an important learning primer before the virtual class. Participants should gain a high-level overview of the topics being presented in the class.


Pre-work should include 1 to 3 articles of relevant media content and should not take participants longer than 30 minutes total to work through.

Format requirements

  • Pre-reading: Should be short articles, blog posts, reports, or other reading material.
    • If using blogs or other online articles, please strip out all extraneous advertising, branded headers, and menus.
    • Must be an Adobe Acrobat 9 or higher compatible PDF or Word Docx.
    • NTEN’s logo should be placed at the top right of the document header.
    • The main source must be cited at the bottom left in the footer of each page.
    • The font should be 14pt Arial.
    • Use this template to format pre-readings.
  • Audio & video can be used as alternatives to or in addition to pre-readings.
    • Check which formats are compatible with our virtual class platform.
    • Make sure you include sources for your content and original URLs cited if pulled off the web.