Polls are an engagement tool used during the live virtual class. They can be used as a fun interaction in the lobby while participants wait, as an ad hoc pop quiz, or as space for participants to share feedback with Faculty and peers during the class.


Every course is required to have a minimum of one and a maximum of two lobby polls. The purpose of a poll is to engage participants while they wait for the class to start. Additional polls can be used throughout the class as one of the requirements for interactive elements.

Format requirements

  • Both poll questions & answers should be limited to 50 characters including spaces.
  • Polls can be created in a variety of formats:
    • Multiple choices (single answer)
    • Multiple choices (multiple answers)
    • Short essay format
  • Make sure you have placeholder slides in your presentation for any polls you wish to use during the class.
  • Include your poll questions, answers, and placement in the course materials inventory.

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