Faculty are encouraged to create an intro video for their course using the NTEN Stories. This video will help us illustrate the value and scope of our online courses. It’s a prime opportunity to share how your expertise, topic, and takeaways will be beneficial to participants.

The video may be featured in our course emails, on NTEN.org, and on NTEN’s social media accounts.

Faculty who complete an intro video can receive a $150 incentive. Simply add “video promo” as a line item to your next invoice once you have recorded it.

For inspiration and an example, here’s a video from faculty member Sarah Obenauer:

Getting Started
Log in to the NTEN Stories app. Click “Submit your story,” select “Nonprofit Technology Faculty,” and follow the prompts to create a short video (:30 seconds is perfect!) for your course. Once you submit it, we’ll review it before publishing.