Faculty develops course content in collaboration with the NTEN Education team far in advance of the scheduled week of the course.

Content development & delivery process

  1. Faculty develops course content: 60 days from class date.
  2. Faculty submits course content to NTEN: 30 days from class date.
  3. Course content revisions are finalized: 2 weeks before the class.
  4. The course is published: Thursday before the class.
  5. Following the course release, faculty works with NTEN host to produce the live virtual class.
  6. Following the virtual class, homework is due to faculty from participants by Sunday night.
  7. Faculty will respond to participant homework through email with their feedback by the next Sunday.
    • Tip: It’s important to remember to use “reply all” when responding to homework. This ensures NTEN’s Education team can track homework completion.