Learn more about the controls and how to start a call.

1) Go to https://www.uberconference.com/ and log in.

Email: community@nten.org
Password: Ask NTEN’s Community Manager for the password

Note: Use these credentials only to access the UberConference host controls. Please do not edit the account settings.

2) Click the “Start Conference” button to begin your call.

Note: The conference will end when you hang up the phone or close your browser so let a co-organizer or NTEN’s Community Manager start the call if you need to leave early.

3) Access the audio either via your phone or computer.

Note: To limit background noise and echo, use a headset.

3a) To start the audio by phone:

  • Click the “My Phone” button.
  • Dial 866-853-1888.
  • Press 2.
  • Enter the organizer pin 31823 to start the conference.

3b) To start the audio by computer:

  • Click the “My Computer” button.
  • The conference will begin immediately.

4) Host control icons explained (left to right):

  • Share your screen
  • Pull up the audio options menu
  • Invite attendees (Use case: Inviting a presenter who might have lost the dial-in info)
  • Record the call (Note: This only records audio–no screensharing.)
  • Mute all participants
  • Lock the call to new participants
  • End the call