NTEN Main Contact

NTEN’s Community Manager is Bethany Lister. Bethany is the main point of contact for all things related to NTEN’s community programs.

You can contact her via bethany@nten.org or 1-503-272-8733.

Organizers are always welcome to schedule a time to talk in real-time.

Feel free to call or send a Google Hangout chat message or Slack direct message with quick questions. (Note: Bethany typically works Monday-Friday 8am-4pm PT.)


NTEN’s Community Manager will send out NTEN and program-related announcements a few times a month. As an organizer, it is your responsibility to keep up with these messages.

Mailing List

All online organizers are added to the online-organizers@nten.org announcement mailing list. NTEN’s Community Manager will send out NTEN and program-related announcements a few times a month. Please be sure to stay on top of these messages.

Organizer Newsletter

NTEN sends out a monthly newsletter to better connect volunteer organizers with NTEN HQ, unify NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Club and online community organizers, elevate resources from within the organizer community, and ultimately build the capacity of our community volunteers—that’s you! Each month we’ll curate a few announcements from NTEN and the organizer community and share resources and tips to help you do your work even better.


Connect with your fellow NTEN community volunteers across the US, Canada, and Europe. NTEN has nearly 100 community volunteers—you never need to go it alone. Ask each other questions and share wins and fails. The more connected you are to your peers, the more sustainable your group is likely to be.

Organizer Forum

Chat with your fellow online organizers and find resources in our online forum.


Join the NTEN community volunteer Slack team. Chat publicly with other local and online organizers or in private channels with your teammates. (Contact NTEN’s Community Manager if you haven’t been added yet.) We held a short Slack training in May 2017. Check out the recording below.

Check out our Slack user guide to see how we use Slack together as a team.

Conference Calls

Each quarter we try to get the organizer community together for group conference calls. These calls give organizers the opportunity to connect with NTEN and their peers.

See the organizer training schedule for upcoming calls.

Review notes from previous calls or add to the upcoming agenda via our collaborative doc.

Social Media

Follow your peers via Twitter. Check out the current lists of online community organizers and Tech Club organizers. Perhaps connect with Tech Club Twitter accounts as well.